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advice and support Access to reliable information about medicines to support patient questions Clinical pharmacists are taking on greater roles in primary care, particularly within general practice.This document suggests resources for use in primary care to answer medicines-related questions
advice and support Advice support for local GPs - (Camb & Peterborough ) LMC - represents GPs in Cambs Hunts & Peterborough
advice and support Alcohol Alcoholics Anonymous (AA)
advice and support Alcohol / students Medical Council on Alcohol
meetings appraisers support groups the appraisers meet several times in local groups through the year. Appraisers are welcome to attend any of them
peer groups Cambridge based Cambridge Sessional GP group meets at Spire Lea Hospital 7:30pm - 9:00pm
peer groups Cambridge based peer support and education GP CamNet (previusly known as GP cambridge network), has monthly meetings on different topics.
peer groups Cambridgeshire based Cambridgeshire GP Network: Any GP welcome to join
meetings Clinical governance Peterborough based CG
meetings Clinical governance CATCH: Cambridgeshire based
meetings Cluster based Peterborough cluster
advice and support Coaching and Mentoring forGPs in East Anglia AKESO is a coaching / mentoring network for doctors who feel they might benefit from time to reflect on issues they face that may impact on their work & life.
advice and support Confidential Counselling BMA Doctors for Doctors service
advice and support Confidential Counselling National Counseling Service for Sick Doctors
e-learning Core Learning (E-LFH) NHS core learning unit
e-learning Dealing with drug seeking behaviour webinar October 2016 -
meetings dental site for any courses etc relating to dentistry in East Anglia
resources and references Dermatology Dermnetnz
e-learning Diabetes Online diabetes learning modules,developed by a team at Addenbrookes. free to all C&P NHS staff.
advice and support Drugs, alcohol British Doctors' and Dentists' Group
resources and references End of life (Arthur Rank Hospice) Arthur Rank Hospice, Cambridge
e-learning Equality and Diversity New module from doctors.net.uk - free to register
e-learning Equality and diversity NHS learning (NHSCLU)
resources and references Eyes ( College of Optometrists) College of optometrists guidelines
advice and support finances the way to find help for money issues - this will help direct you to appropriate charities for advice and support
peer groups First 5 years as a gp It aims to be a simple signposting tool for GPs in East Anglia to help with professional development and to form connections with fellow GPs in the region.
resources and references Fit to Work Developed by the RCGP, in collaboration with the Faculty of Occupational Medicine and Society of Occupational Medicine,
resources and references Fitness to practise General Medical Council- GMC
resources and references General GP notebook
resources and references General E-medicine
resources and references General primary care Courses etc focussed in Essex for GPs nurses and healthcare assistants
advice and support Getting back into practice If you haven't worked for 2years or are coming back after working abroad - there's a scheme to support you
resources and references GP Education in Beds
resources and references Gp retainer scheme The scheme is intended For doctors who can only undertake a small amount of paid professional work To retain their skills, with a view to returning to NHS general practice in the future.
resources and references GP training Bradford VTS website
resources and references Guidance re prescribing opiates Really helpful guide to management
advice and support Health BMA doctors for doctors
e-learning Health information resources NHS library
resources and references healthy working Provides doctors and other healthcare professionals timely access to information, guidance and training on the management of health and work
resources and references Induction and refresher scheme Are you looking to join or return to the NHS in England as a GP?, the I&R scheme is designed for qualified GPs to join or return to the NHS as general practitioners.
e-learning infection control you have to be working for NHS to access this
advice and support Info / financial assistance Royal Medical Benevolent Fund (RMBF)
advice and support Info / financial assistance Support 4 doctors
e-learning Information governance
e-learning Information security
advice and support Issues affecting work and wellbeing Doctors' Support Network / Doctors Support Line
advice and support Legal Medical Defence Union MDU
advice and support Legal Medical Protection Society(MPS)
e-learning Mental Capacity Act You may have to make decisions on behalf of adult patients lacking capacity to make decisions for themselves
advice and support Mental health The Tavistock Clinic. London
resources and references NHS stats
advice and support Occupational health OH can be accessed by you, your organisation, appraisal team or LMC can help you. Do make contact with one of them for further advice
peer groups OOH doctors UCC this is a group for GPs who provide sessions for UCC to promote learning and professional development with peers
meetings OOHs Peterborough based
e-learning Opioid Aware Next Steps Webinar Session 2 of 2 - Dr Ruth Bastable 18.10.17
e-learning Opioid Aware Webinar - Session 1 of 2 Dr Ruth Bastable 18.10.17
resources and references Overview of current state of NHS
resources and references Pathways map of medicine
resources and references Patient Information patient.co..uk
resources and references professional boundaries The Clinic for Boundaries Studies is the only organisation in the UK working around all aspects of professional boundaries and the prevention of boundary violations.
e-learning professional boundaries Professional boundaries have been defined as a series of behaviours that allow for a safe connection, based on the patients needs (Peterson 1992, Gabbard 1989)
meetings professional development to support GP in Norfolk and Suffolk
e-learning Reproductive and Sexual Health Faculty of family planning and reproductive health (FFPRHC)
resources and references Revalidation GMC info
advice and support Safeguarding A app tp support NHS staff with safeguarding issues. Gives a board view of relevant information. Easy to use signposting and how to make referrals, and where to find more info
advice and support Safeguarding app A app tp support NHS staff with safeguarding issues. Gives a board view of relevant information. Easy to use signposting and how to make referrals, and where to find more info
advice and support Safeguarding app A app to support NHS staff with safeguarding issues. Gives a broad view of relevant information. Easy to use signposting and how to make referrals, and where to find more info
e-learning Safeguarding children E- learning for health
resources and references safeguarding children national courses
resources and references safeguarding children he Safeguarding Children Training Directory helps you find the training you and your workforce need
e-learning safeguarding children The RCPCH offers a number of training products and guidance to support paediatricians and other healthcare workers through this complicated and sensitive area
e-learning secure transfer personal data
resources and references Sexual health British Association forSexual Health and HIV
resources and references squints in children - ophthalmology SquintClinic.com is a comprehensive online guide created by eye care professionals to provide information for patients and parents of patients with strabismus.
advice and support Stress International Stress Management Association (ISMA)
e-learning Substance misuse Webinar on supporting patients requesting medications
advice and support Substance Misuse - students or doctors. Sick doctors trust
meetings Updates Cambridge based (Nuffield Hosp)
e-learning Updates essential learning (BMJ) British Medical Journal
e-learning Updates, essential knowledge challenges RCGP
meetings Updates, spec groups.GPs Nurses and Physio. Cambridge based(Addenbrookes Camb)
specifics skills Urgent Care - resuscitation Mid Anglia First Aid and Fire
specifics skills Urgent Care - Rescusitation Urgent Care Cambridge (OOH service)
resources and references Urology Cambridge Urologists website
e-learning Various Doctors.net.uk
e-learning Various NICE
meetings Various Peterborough Hospital
peer groups various Peterborough small group of GPs who get together to support each others learning
peer groups Various (Oundle) Oundle Non-principals group
meetings Various - RCGP East of England faculty RCGP
meetings Various for GPs (Cambridge) Addenbrookes Postgraduate Medical Centre
resources and references Young People (GPs4YP)
e-learning Young People DickonBevington Lead author and originator of the TiddlyManual concept, as part of his role as Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist and trainer at Anna Freud Centre.
e-learning Young People (E- LFH) RCGP, E-LFH, Adolescent Health E-Learning Programme
resources and references young people, substance misuse Tiddly manuals
peer groups young practitioners group Huntingdon based please contact Dr Mary Simpson Acorn Surgery for more information